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Bobcat / Wildcat Cavern

image bobcat cavern spearfish Canyon

This is one of my favorite hikes in Spearfish Canyon.  I usually call it community caves, but many people call it Bobcat or Wildcat Cavern.  No matter what you call it, it is beautiful.image ice at bobcat caves.

This is just a few miles from Spearfish, but can be a bit tricky to locate.  Read my Community Caves post for detailed directions.

Do yourself a big favor if you plan on hiking this in the winter or early spring, buy some really good spikes like Kahtoola MICROspikes Pocket Traction System.  You can thank me later.  The first time I went up there in the winter, the trip down was scary.  The top portion of the trail is like a sheet of ice.  With spikes it is simple to walk up and down.  Without you look like a greased pig running on a linoleum floor.

Caution: on warm days large chucks of ice will fall, so just watch out for that Winking smile.

Here is a video I shot.  Either this will motivate you to climb up there or serve as a substitute.

About the author: Josh loves to take pictures and sharing them on his South Dakota and the Black Hills blogs. When he is not busy being a Pharmacist he enjoys traveling with his family.

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