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Aphrodite Fritillary

butterflies everywhere in Spearfish Canyon

This butterfly seemed to be attracted to the red shoes laces of my New Balance Minimus shoes.  I was hiking the Little Spearfish Trail in an area known as Ranger Draw and there were wild flowers and butterflies all over the place.   Once I got back home I looked through the Beginner’s Guide to Butterflies and try to identify butterfly that  I encountered – I am quite certain it is an Aphrodite Fritillary.

It seems like every time I go hiking in Spearfish Canyon the experience is different.  I just never know what I will find on the trail.

Visit my Spearfish Canyon page to learn more about enjoying the canyon.  There are unique things around every turn, just waiting for you to explore.

About the author: Josh loves to take pictures and sharing them on his South Dakota and the Black Hills blogs. When he is not busy being a Pharmacist he enjoys traveling with his family.

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