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Highway 16 Bridge

Bridge joining Chamberlain and Oacoma SD

Historic Old Higway 16 Bridge


I’ve always enjoyed the view of the Old Highway 16 bridge in the Chamberlain/Oacoma area.  The bridge is visible to the north from Interstate 90.  The historic bridge has been recently refurbished and looks like a brand new bridge.

I found the history of the bridge really interesting (thanks to John Weeks).  The original portion of the bridge was dedicated in 1925.  It was a only one truss wide and four sections long.

During construction of the Fort Randall damn, reconstruction of the bridge was necessary – as the original location would be underwater.  And, the bridge was too narrow for automobile from the 1950’s.  Fortunately a similar bridge was being removed at Wheeler. That bridge was floated up the river, one more section was constructed and the two bridges where placed side by side.  And, that is the current “double barrel” bridge you will see today.

Next time you are cruising I-90, take the Chamberlain exit if you are West-bound or the Oacoma Exit if you are East-bound and ride over the historic bridge.  Or enjoy my video below.


About the author: Josh loves to take pictures and sharing them on his South Dakota and the Black Hills blogs. When he is not busy being a Pharmacist he enjoys traveling with his family.

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  • James Hanenburg January 9, 2020, 8:22 am

    I moved to Harrison, SD with my parents in August 1941. I was nine years old. That was just before the Pearl Harbor event and WW2. Father as a Pastor was not restricted by gas rationing, but did not abuse it. Our family vacation in those war years were a picnic outing at Wheeler Bridge. We would cross the bridge in Dad’s beautiful 1936 LaSalle and there was a turnout on the Nebraska side. Mother would set up the picnic lunch, Dad was in charge of the Home made “Hires” Rootbeer and we had a picnic!

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