Little Spearfish Falls Nature Trail

Spearfish Canyon

Little Spearfish Falls on the Nature Trail

If we only have time for one hike when visiting Spearfish Canyon with friends and family, this is it. Any time of year this waterfall created where Little Spearfish Creek dumps into Spearfish Creek is fun to visit. Nothing like feeling the spray from the waterfall and watching the stream rush by. I love all of Spearfish Canyon, but this is high on the list of must see areas.

The little gem of a nature trail is found behind the Latchstring Inn, which is just across the road from the Spearfish Canyon Lodge.  This is the area known as Savoy. It is about 13 miles from Spearfish on the scenic byway. The trail is a 3/4 mile loop that descends a little over 100 feet.

Along the trail you will cross Spearfish Creek twice and have a chance to see some on the local flora.  Many people should be about to manage the trail, however there are stairs and portions of the trail are uneven and rocky.

If you have more time while in the area, hike to the canyon rim on the 76 trail. Or, enjoy the 1-mile hike to Roughlock Falls.  One could easily spend a whole day exploring the canyon.  There are more waterfalls to see and some really great hiking.

About the author: Josh loves to take pictures and share them on his South Dakota and the Black Hills blogs. Plus he enjoys traveling with his family any chance he gets.

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  • SunnyMarieArguello

    We live in such a beautiful land!

  • こんにちは。うちは今月の末日で33歳と7カ月になります。そして夏日が多い日になりました。ですからやっぱりむだ毛は脱毛をやっておきたいですよね。近年では、全国に脱毛サロンがめちゃくちゃあります。やりたい部分は、人それぞれですが、特に脱毛したいのはふとももです。私は、店舗が多いシースリーを選びました。そのおかげで、だいぶムダ毛が減っています。やはり自分で処理するのとは、違います。あとちょっとシースリーに通ってムダ毛をなくしたいです。でも、脱毛クリニックに通ったとしても知っておきたいのは脱毛にかかる費用です。それについては、従業員に聞けばいいでしょう。あと気になるのが、いつまで通わないといけないのかです。私はできれば、一年くらいで全部終わってくれると嬉しいです。まあ、今から行く人はカウンセリングしてみましょう。

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