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chees from Dimock Dairy

If you have lived in Southeastern South Dakota, I’m sure you’ve heard of Dimock Cheese.  I remember often having a big horn of Dimock Cheese during the Holidays, when I was growing up near Mitchell.

Dimock Dairy

Dimock Dairy Building

This dairy has been making cheese since 1931.  The neat thing is you can go right to the dairy and buy the cheese.  You can find them at 400 Main Street in Dimock.  This little town is just 20 minutes south of Mitchell.

The hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm and Saturday 8am to noon.


The number of flavors of cheese are pretty amazing.  They are:  Colby, cheddar, Co-Jack, Monterey Jack, Bacon & Onion, Garlic & Parsley, Pepper Jack, Salsa, Pepper Co-Jack, Black Pepper, Habanero, Caraway, Smoked Cheddar, Ranch, Chipotle, Italian, Dill, Tomato & Basil, Pepperoni, Aged Cheddar and Blue Cheddar.

Finding the Cheese

The cheese can be found all over the state.  I’ve seen it for sale in truck stops from Brandon to Vivian.  Lynn’s Dakota Mart in Sturgis and Lead both sell it.   Red Barn Farmers Market in Spearfish sells it.  And, many other grocery stores carry too.  It can be purchased from their website as well.


What is your favorite flavor of Dimock Cheese?

About the author: Josh loves to take pictures and share them on his South Dakota and the Black Hills blogs. Plus he enjoys traveling with his family any chance he gets.

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